( Automatic pump controller )

Features :

  • For all kinds of water filled & oil filled pumps( 1 PH & 3 PH both ) where starter pannel has No/Nc type switch.
  • Water Pump Turn ON-OFF Automatically.
  • Corrossion free magnetic Float Sensors(2).
  • 1 year onside warranty with free installation.

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Code: W001-I             Price: ₹ 9500

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Product Description :

  • Working : THIS MODEL IS SUITABLE TO ANY single & 3 PHASE STARTER PANEL. This model automatically switch ON and switch OFF Motor.When water level of overhead tank becomes low means water get down from lower sensor so motor get start automatically. The tank starts filling up. when the water level reaches to the higher level, the motor automatically gets switched off. AUTO OFF WHEN TANK IS FULL OR SUMP IS EMPTY.
  • Warranty: 1 Year Manufacture Warranty, Service : 1 Year onsite Service, Package contains : 1 Water level controller unit, 2 Sensors, 1 User Manual with all technical details, 1 Pack mounting screw, 1 warranty card.
  • Suitable for motor to any HP because no load passes through our unit. Protect motor from dry running. Power on LED Indication Provided. Water level indication provided. Motor On Off Indication Provided.
It Avoids :

  • Dry running of the pumps
  • Overflowing of overhead tanks
  • Tank to be Empty

Output :

  • Water saving
  • Manpower saving
  • Electricity Saving
  • Plus it offers pump protections to safeguard the pump against electrical extremities

Technical Details :
Type Automatic
Output Type Switching Based
Input supply 220 V
Size 185[W] x 105[H] x 180[D] mm
Mounting Panel Mount or Wall Mount
Sensor Volts 12VDC
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ 4.0 stars
Model: FLUTO W001-D

Water level controller with microcontroller & overflow sensor im1730 is an electronic sensor which automatically switches on or off the flow of water. it can be set with the help of microcontroller to switch on the flow in specific condition. this water level controller with microcontroller & overflow sensor im1730 is extensively used in different residential societies & industries. furthermore, it is also equipped with another sensor which cuts off the flow in case of over flow.

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Rishi Mehrotra January 22, 2021

Very Nice product...Complete peace of mind...Have been using it for a year now....Thanks Bhuwanji....Highly recommended product...

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